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Richard Curtze

Incredible Hulk #340 was the issue that changed my life.  I know it sounds funny.  How could a simple comic book change some one’s life, but reading a comic book for the first time gave me the incentive to read.  While attending junior high school the P.E. instructor required students to bring and read a book or magazine for fifteen minutes each day.  Most kids at that age seemed to despised reading.  I was no exception and really really disliked books.  I was often in trouble for not having one for class.   It was during one of the mandatory reading class times that I again not having any sort of reading material began frantically looking for something to read to not suffer the teacher’s wrath once again.   Luckily a kid in class had a backpack full of comic books and was kind enough to allow me to borrow one.  Upon holding a comic book for the first time gazing at the colorful and vibrant cover and the characters thereon, it ignited a passion that is still with me today.  For a person that disliked books, everything from this comic book’s shiny cover, the texture of the pages and even the smell of the newsprint seemed to enlighten my senses.  As I read each page the action and suspense flowed in every panel often bloody and brutal, with the titans battling for domination. Prior to reading comic books I knew the popular characters within comic books such as Spider-man, Batman and The Hulk, but, only through mediums as television or movies.  When younger my parents would not allow me to read comic books and often forbid me from watching some comic book created characters on television/movies. However, being enlightened by my first comic book reading, every penny I earned and saved was but for one purpose, comic books. The very first purchase with the little money I had was for “Spider Man” issue #328. For the kindness of a fellow class mate lending his comic book, my love of reading and art was enabled. 


Reading and collecting comic books, I began wanting to be involved with the creation and art work of this wonderful art-form.  Upon studying and practicing the art of the many fantastic artists within the comic book world I have been fortunate to contribute to various Indy comics as well as some commission work. During my travels, I was fortunate to meet the accomplished comic book artist Timothy Green II. Timothy has contributed to well-known comic titles such as Batman, Red hood, Rocket Raccoon and Groot with Marvel and DC Comics. With his support and mentoring, he helped take my work to another level.  With the encouragement of friends and family I found myself placing some of my artwork on T-shirts and bags.  Working through  the many trials and processes always attempting to find the best fabrics, print processes, etc., I am finally confident that you will be pleased with my products. 

It’s my hope that you join me and stick around for the ride.  This blog will be filled with information, news and whatever other fun stuff we can come up with.  Thank you so much for visiting the Drop Octopus page and let’s get the good times rolling…

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